The logbook is in A5 size with hard black cover. 21 x 15 cm

The logbook is EASA/JAR approved.

The logbook is authorized by the DAA for guiding the flight in accordance with BL 6-04.

570 entries.

Price 220,-kr. (29 EUR.) + Postage

Pilot logbook

For most pilots their logbook is more than just recording of flight time by the rules.

A pilot's logbook is a diary with memories of flights, which tells the story of achievements and adventures.

The logbook is the book where all these "precious" memories are stored. From the first flight, the first solo flight, all the way through flight school and perhaps the first check on a big jet. A logbook documenting pilot career.

We were a bunch of pilots who were fed up of bad logbooks, so we decided to make our own design.

We made a layout that both could be used by professional and recreational pilots, and in a size that suited everyone.

Our goal: To make a logbook in high quality, worthy to be used by all of us who fly and a book that will be seen and admired by generations after us.

We have tried with an electronic logbook. It's just not the same as sitting with a book and memories in hand.

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